About CEDAR Audio


For more than thirty years, CEDAR Audio has led the world in audio restoration and noise suppression. We are the company that...

  • created the first real-time restoration systems, even while the world was telling us that it was impossible
  • created the world's first hardware-based restoration systems
  • invented digital dehissing that didn't require a spectral fingerprint
  • invented the first sub-sample phase/time correctors
  • invented the digital dialogue noise suppressor
  • invented the speed corrector that didn't need a guide tone
  • invented spectral editing - a technique now so common that people barely remember life without it
  • ... and much more.

We are the recipients of an Emmy®, two Cinema Audio Society Awards, numerous other industry accolades and, of course, an Academy Award® for services to the movie industry. But we are active in many more fields than that, and are proud to include many of the world's most significant broadcasters, record companies, archives, law enforcement agencies and security organisations as customers and friends.

  • If you enjoy a trip to the movies, you're almost certainly listening to dialogue that has been cleaned up using CEDAR. When presenting Academy Awards to the designers of the first CEDAR 'DNS' dialogue noise suppressors, the Academy said that CEDAR "... can be found on virtually all dubbing stages worldwide, and has become the tool of choice for removing unwanted noise by re-recording mixers everywhere."
  • If you listen to national radio stations or watch television anywhere in the world, the chances are that the audio has passed through a CEDAR system. From the newsrooms of major broadcasters to reality TV, to studio-based shows, to sporting events such as the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, to Premier League football (and much more) CEDAR is the standard for zero-latency noise suppression.
  • In the traditional audio industry we have worked closely with the most famous studios, record companies and bands to ensure the highest quality audio, not just from vintage material but from audio recorded today that might suffer from some sort of noise problem.
  • If your interest lies in vintage audio, many of the world's archives rely on CEDAR. From simple plug-ins to rackmount hardware to the largest restoration systems that integrate with their media asset management (MAM) systems, CEDAR has solutions for the smallest to the largest archives and libraries.
  • CEDAR is a major supplier to the world's most important law enforcement, security and anti-terrorism forces. From front-line surveillance and rapid response systems to sophisticated laboratory-based audio forensic computers, we also work closely with drug enforcement agencies, customs and excise, and air and marine accident investigation services to help keep everyone safe.
  • In addition to its own products, CEDAR has written software for leading audio editing platforms and the company has also designed and manufactured audio hardware for OEM manufacturers, most notably for export from the UK to Japan.

Not content with all of this, CEDAR Audio is committed to furthering the science and technology of audio restoration and speech enhancement in all of its forms and actively pursues research into new techniques in each of them. The company also places a premium on the highest standards of customer support and has earned numerous accolades in this area.

Many companies claim to be the best at what they do. Occasionally, it's true.