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When you're on location, noise is a problem. Whether it's traffic noise, wind, rain, crowd babble or general background noise, it interferes with the wanted signal reducing clarity and intelligibility. If you're lucky you may be able to clean things up in post, but there are many scenarios when this simply isn't possible.

Maybe you're broadcasting live-to-air and you need to remove the noise with no loss of lip-sync. Maybe you're on a budget, and a post production studio is a luxury that you don't have. Or maybe you're on a major shoot, and you want to give the director the confidence that the audio will clean up perfectly later on. In all of these cases, the 2-channel CEDAR DNS 2 and 4-channel CEDAR DNS 4 dialogue noise suppressors are the solution, removing noise, helping to compensate for unfavourable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement, and even suppressing excessive reverberation.

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