CEDAR cleans up the 47th Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards

10 June 2005

In February 2005, the Staples Centre in Los Angeles hosted the 47th Grammy Awards, arguably the most important and prestigious audio industry awards show of the year.

A huge installation provided the sound for the venue as well as for live broadcast and recording, and given the target audience - the cream of the pro-audio and music industries - the quality had to be the best it could possibly be. To facilitiate this, sound manager Klaus Landsberg configured an array of forty microphones and ran the mixed sound through two CEDAR DNS1000s. Quoted in Audio Media magazine Landsberg said, "They help me to get a lot of the slap out of the room. With an open room like this, you're hearing a lot more of the standing wave and the CEDAR does a good job of masking that."

The DNS1000™ Dialogue Noise Suppressor reduces or eliminates background noise such as air conditioning, wind, rain and traffic rumble, and is often used to suppress reverberation. It does so with minimal effect on the wanted signal, and its near-zero latency means that it's simple to use on location and for live events, removing the need for a video frame store or any other form of re-synchronisation. This combination of low latency and high fidelity means that users can leave the DNS1000 permanently in the signal chain without fear of signal degradation.

CEDAR produces a range of products based on its DNS technology. These include the DNS1000, the automated DNS2000™ for Pro Tools™, and the eight-channel DNS™ software hosted by the CEDAR Cambridge™ platform.

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