CEDAR Audio to co-present the ABU workshop on archiving and restoration at Broadcast Asia 2004

CEDAR Forensic

24 February 2004

"Techniques and methods for the preservation and restoration of audio material in sound archives" will be held on 18 June 2004 from 09:00 - 18:00 at Broadcast Asia 2004, SunTec City Conference Centre, Singapore. The lecturers will be Dr. Dietrich Schueller, Director of the Phonogrammarchiv Vienna, Dipl.-Ing. Albrecht Haefner, Senior Manager, Suedwestrundfunk, Radio&TV Archives, Germany, and Gordon Reid, Managing Director, CEDAR Audio Ltd., UK

The workshop's morning programme will focus on the stability and longevity of the common mechanical, magnetic, and optical audiovisual carriers, their proper handling and storage, and issues of optimal signal retrieval. It will also deal with tools and methods for the restoration of deteriorating or obsolete carriers. The afternoon will concentrate on digitisation as the only means for long-term preservation, discussing which of the present storage media and which of the current formats should be chosen. Finally, a summary of the topics will be presented to the delegates in form of the IASA Standard "The safeguarding of the audio heritage: ethics, principles and preservation strategy" (IASA-TC 03)."

A demonstration of CEDAR Cambridge will be given during the morning session, and will be repeated on request.

A major portion of the cultural legacy of the last 100 years is held in form of audiovisual recordings. A recent European research project estimated that the world's collections of audio recordings amount to more than 100 million hours stored on materials which are deteriorating progressively. These unique cultural testimonies will be lost irretrievably if we do not take steps toward their long-term preservation. In response to an ever increasing demand for specific information about proper and farsighted archiving of audio holdings, this workshop will be useful for decision-makers, administrators and record managers who are responsible for the long-term preservation of audiovisual content as well as for archivists and librarians in broadcasting (radio and/or TV), national, research and other sound archives.

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