CEDAR to show the latest advances in noise suppression and audio restoration at the 135th AES Convention

135th AES Conference

26 September 2013


At the 135th AES Convention, CEDAR Audio will be showing the latest developments in noise suppression, audio restoration and speech enhancement for post, broadcast, live sound, mastering, archives and forensic audio investigation. Demonstrations will include the DNS 8 Live™ and DNS3000™ dialogue noise suppressors, as well as the CEDAR Studio AAX suite of plug-ins for Pro Tools.

In addition to these, and appearing in the USA for the first time, the new 64-bit CEDAR Cambridge V9™ workstation is the latest revision of our acclaimed audio processing system. This boasts many new features and tools for restoring vast quantities of audio for broadcasters, archives and libraries, for homing in on the tiniest blemishes for music, film and TV remastering, and for obtaining the maximum intelligibility for audio forensic investigation.

Developed in response to requests from national sound archives and libraries, there's the XML Extension with its enhanced reporting capabilities. There's also internationalisation , which allows dealers and users to customise their systems for local languages, plus numerous improvements to a number of existing modules and tools.

In addition to all of this, CEDAR Cambridge V9 offers two new facilities - Track Loudness View and Track Loudness - that allow you to determine whether your audio conforms to a given loudness standard and, if it doesn't, correct it. To ensure compliance, a report can be generated for every track, and to ensure productivity, myriad tracks can be batch processed in a single operation in a tiny fraction of the time necessary using other methods.

Come to see us on stand No. 2952.

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