CEDAR's Managing Director to co-present the tutorial on audio forensics at the 138th AES Convention in Warsaw, Poland

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T2 - Audio Forensics: What's it All About?
Thursday, 7th May 2015 at 14:30pm

28 April 2015

CEDAR's Managing Director, Gordon Reid, will be co-presenting the AES Convention’s tutorial overview of the current state of the art in audio forensics.


Working with audio forensics is a serious business. Depending on the work of the forensics engineer, people may eventually end up in prison. This tutorial will present the kind of work related to the field and covers areas such as acoustics (audio analysis as part of the crime scene investigation), voice acoustics (who was speaking?), electro-acoustics (checking data on tapes, disks and other data storage media), recording techniques (is this recording an original or is it a copy?) and even building acoustics and psychoacoustics (who could hear what?). However, the most important 'everyday work' of the audio forensics engineer is the cleaning of audio recordings and providing transcriptions. In this tutorial, state-of-the-art sound cleaning will be demonstrated.


CEDAR will also be present on the exhibition floor, with the company's Polish dealer, DAVE, showing the latest developments in the field of noise reduction and speech enhancement. See them on stand No. 116.

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