CEDAR Audio to contribute to the 139 th AES Convention

AES139 Convention, New York

16 October 2015

USA: CEDAR Audio is proud to be contributing to the 139th AES Convention, which will take place in New York from 29 October - 1 November 2015.

Tutorials and workshops

Gordon Reid, the company's Managing Director, will be presenting in two sessions concentrating on noise reduction and speech enhancement in the fields of audio forensics and surveillance. Details are:

Tutorial T12

Friday, October 30, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (Room 1A22)
T12 - Audio Forensics
Chair: Jeff M. Smith, National Center for Media Forensics - Denver, CO, USA; University of Colorado Denver - Denver, CO, USA
Panelists: Catalin Grigoras, University of Colorado at Denver - Denver, CO, USA and Gordon Reid, CEDAR Audio Ltd - Cambridge, UK

This tutorial will feature presenters engaged in various areas of audio forensics in lively discussion geared toward experts learning from one another and to benefit the introductory attendee. Jeff Smith will present on Speaker Analysis and the application of Bayesian likelihood. Catalin Grigoras will present on the best practices and future challenges in forensic audio authentication. Gordon Reid will present on noise reduction and speech enhancement techniques.

Workshop W15

Friday, October 30, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Room 1A22)
W15 - Audio Enhancement: How to Improve the Effectiveness of Cross-Channel Filters by Using Time Compression/Expansion to Maintain Signal Alignment
Chair: Daniel Rappaport, CACI - Annandale, VA, USA
Panelists: Eddy B. Brixen, EBB-consult - Smorum, Denmark and Gordon Reid, CEDAR Audio Ltd - Cambridge, UK

A common forensic audio enhancement request is to attenuate music or a television/radio broadcast from a recording to unmask underlying speech. When a clean reference recording is available, cross-channel adaptive filters may be used to cancel out the offending signal. Various tools are available for this type of processing, but they all rely on precise alignment of the reference signal to the recording being enhanced. Even with the aid of auto-alignment tools, drift has a negative impact upon the effectiveness of the filter. This workshop will present a technique to calculate the linear offset and apply time compression/expansion to the reference track, which increases the effectiveness of the filter.


Elsewhere, on the exhibition floor, CEDAR Audio and CEDAR Audio USA will be showing the latest developments in noise suppression, audio restoration and speech enhancement for post, broadcast, mastering, libraries, archives and forensic audio investigation. Demonstrations will include the DNS 8 Live and DNS1500 dialogue noise suppressors, the latest CEDAR Cambridge V9 system, and the CEDAR Studio 7 plug-ins.


About the AES Convention

They say, "The 139th AES Convention will bring together the world's largest gathering of audio professionals. Attendees will be offered opportunities to hear from top audio industry figures while also sharing in the latest research and technology information through informative papers, tutorials, workshops and special events."

See: 139th AES Convention

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