CEDAR Cambridge to be used 'live' at the Digital Summit International (forensics) conference

Digital Summit International 2012

29 March 2012

Digital Summit International (DSI) is the premier educational event for investigators working with digital multimedia evidence. It provides opportunities to learn and work with acquisition and enhancement technologies related to digital evidence obtained from video, audio, cell phones, and cameras.

AVFL Robert Sanderson, President of Audio Video Forensic Lab Inc. in Poughkeepsie, New York, is a certified Voice ID expert with seven years' experience in the field, and he will be speaking at the conference, presenting two sessions on 'Audio Filtering Techniques - Speech Enhancement in Audio Recordings'.

He will be using his CEDAR Cambridge Forensic System 'live' in both, and says of it, "I am very pleased with the improved version of CEDAR's NR-5 noise reduction module. There are no artefacts, and I find it very appropriate and effective for forensic use. In addition, the new Adaptive Limiter is an absolute joy. Prior to getting this, I pretty much stayed away from limiting in forensics because of the harsh way that noisy clips were affected, but that's no longer an issue."

"However, it's not just the improved processing that's proving useful - I'm now using the automation, and the new reporting feature is very much appreciated because it makes the evidential trail so much clearer and simplifies everything for court presentation."

Session abstract:

The reliability of speech evidence is paramount to investigators, prosecutors and the defense team. Accurately retaining original speech characteristics while reducing noise in audio recordings, especially confessions, is a skill anyone involved in audio enhancement can learn. Attendees will gain useful knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understanding basic speech characteristics which define the meaning of words.
  • Evaluating the specific problems in the audio recording.
  • Optimizing the enhancement process and creating effective filter strategies.
  • Properly preserving filtered results for use in court and preparing an understandable, useful report which documents your methods.

Digital Summit International will be held at in Las Vegas from 13 - 16 August, 2012

For further information:

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t: +1 845 797 3850 · e: rwsand@yahoo.com · w: http://www.avdetective.com

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