The inaugural CEDAR Awards - 1998

The CEDAR Awards 1998

17th May 1998

CEDAR Audio have announced the inauguration of the The CEDAR Awards, the first set of which will be presented at the 105th AES Convention to be held in San Francisco in September 1998. Five of the six Awards will recognise outstanding contributions in the field of audio restoration, and nominations are invited in each of the following categories:

  • CD Remastering from a Modern Recording (post 1949)
  • CD Remastering from a Vintage Recording (pre 1950)
  • Remastering of a Film Soundtrack
  • Audio Restoration for Broadcast Use
  • Audio Restoration for Forensic Use

In addition, CEDAR Audio will present a special Award to one of its dealers to recognise exceptional performance over the past 12 months.

Gordon Reid, Managing Director of CEDAR Audio said, "We are proud to launch the CEDAR Awards at the AES Convention. We live in a world where audio engineers and producers are often rewarded for the absolute quality of their work, for having access to the latest and most expensive equipment or, frequently, for the amount of profit earned from their labours. Unfortunately, there are few awards that recognise the accomplishments of audio professionals who work with old or damaged material yet still achieve excellent results, often under great pressure and on severely limited budgets. We therefore felt that it would be appropriate to honour those people who have made outstanding contributions in our field of audio restoration. Furthermore, we wanted to thank our colleagues - and this includes the companies that represent us as well as the thousands that use our products - who, through their efforts and commitment, have brought CEDAR the acclaim and recognition that it now enjoys. The CEDAR Awards will be presented annually, and we expect a very high standard of nominations in each of the categories. We also look forward to this year's presentation in San Francisco which - and this is no coincidence - will be held almost exactly ten years to the day since the company was incorporated."

Nominating Procedure for the 1998 Awards

Nominations are invited from all interested parties, and candidates may propose themselves without prejudicing their chances of success. CEDAR's Sales and Marketing Director, Clive Osborn, will be overseeing the nomination process, and he will be pleased to answer all questions relating to the awards.

Nominations for the 1998 Awards will be accepted from 16th May until 14th August 1998.

For further information, and to register nominations, please contact:

Clive Osborn, CEDAR Audio Limited, 9 Clifton Court, Cambridge, CB1 7BN, United Kingdom.
t: +44 1223 414117
f: +44 1223 414118