BSkyB installs a CEDAR DNS1000

8 August 2001

Tim Field, Audio Dubbing Supervisor at BSkyB, is using a newly purchased DNS1000 to remove hiss, hum, buzz and other unwanted noises from films broadcast on Sky Digital's Movie Channels. The unit has also been used to remove location noise and sync sound from documentaries broadcast on The History Channel. Other recent projects include A Forgotten Odyssey, Jagna Wright's documentary about the 1.7 million Poles deported to Siberia by Stalin in 1940 to work as slave labourers, and POW: Japanese Prisoner of War.

Deborah Coral, Marketing Manager at CEDAR Audio comments, "We are delighted that BSkyB has installed a CEDAR DNS1000. Sky Digital now offers more than 200 channels of news, sport, weather and entertainment, so the opportunities for the DNS1000 to be of use are endless."

For further information:

CEDAR Audio Limited, 20 Home End, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5BS, United Kingdom.
t: +44 1223 881771
f: +44 1223 881778

Vaughan Rogers, BSkyB, Grant Way, Middlesex, TW7 5QD
t: +44 207 705 3325
f: +44 207 705 3614