CEDAR Audio announces Debuzz for broadcast, post, and other audio applications


16th January 1998

CEDAR Audio announces the world's first dedicated module designed to fix the specific audio problems experienced in movie and TV production.

A module within the CEDAR for Windows suite of processes, Debuzz is a real-time software module for Windows-based PCs. It is remarkably simple to use, yet capable of restoring up to sixteen channels of audio simultaneously in real-time. It is particularly suitable for removing camera noise, and will completely eliminate power supply hum and similar noises. Debuzz will also correct many of the unspecified buzzy audio degradations that frequently affect Outside Broadcast and location recordings, and which may make otherwise satisfactory footage unusable.

Debuzz was developed in response to an increasing need for this type of process, often to fix problems that occur as a consequence of reduced production budgets and tighter deadlines within the industry. The pre-production software has already been used to remove lighting and camera noise from the soundtrack for a mini series due for future broadcast on the BBC, to rescue a corporate video that suffered from excessive hum and buzz, and to restore a wedding video that suffered from excessive fan motor noise.

CEDAR is installed in leading companies such as LucasFilm (where it was used on the recent Star Wars trilogy), Warner Brothers in Hollywood and Burbank, and Disney. CEDAR equipped broadcasters include Channel 4 TV (UK), Artear (Argentina), and the national broadcasters in - for example - Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, and South Africa.


Debuzz is suitable for use in forensic audio laboratories where the reduction of such noises can increase the listenability of degraded audio such as surveillance tapes, and assist transcription.

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