CEDAR announces CEDAR Cambridge v2.6™

CEDAR Cambridge v2.6

9 January 2006

The best just keeps getting better...

Version 2.6 is the latest revision of CEDAR Cambridge. It offers advances in the user-interface (with all of the graphs and toolbars offering a newer, more attractive representation), additional features in the File Processing system (which boasts improved looping capabilities), a significant upgrade to the tracking accuracy of the Debuzz algorithm, plus the addition of two new modules: Vintage Decrackle and the DC Filter.

Vintage Decrackle™

Vintage Decrackle is a reincarnation of the very popular CR-1 rackmount decrackler, and reintroduces our highly respected Split & Recombine algorithm. This is extremely effective at removing crackle, some forms of buzz, and many amplitude distortions from material as diverse as cylinder recordings and live broadcasts contaminated with lighting buzz and other problems. The process is now coupled to the powerful, eight-channel facilities and timecode/automation of CEDAR Cambridge but it remains incredibly simple to use.

DC Filter

The DC Filter is a new core module provided on every CEDAR Cambridge system. It offers a roll-off of 12dB/octave at any user-defined frequency in the range 1Hz - 20Hz and, because removing DC offsets improves the signal modelling used elsewhere in CEDAR Cambridge, it is invaluable when used before restoration modules such as Declickle-2, Vintage Decrackle, Auto Dehiss, and NR-4. It also increases signal headroom, and allows you to apply higher gains to output signals if desired. Users may place the DC Filter anywhere in the signal chain, and can determine which channels are affected by the filter. A convenient display indicates the magnitude of any DC offset identified and (if desired) removed by the system.

Availability and pricing

  • CEDAR Cambridge v2.6 is immediately available from all authorised CEDAR dealers
  • The DC Filter and improved File Processor are free of charge for all existing CEDAR Cambridge systems
  • The upgraded Debuzz module is free of charge to all owners of Debuzz
  • Vintage Decrackle is free of charge to all existing owners of Declickle

Further details are available on request.

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