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CEDAR Cambridge Q audio restoration workstation    

5 September 2006

CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce major changes and improvements to its flagship CEDAR Cambridge system. These include new, more powerful hardware, a new software core, and many improved processing modules. Furthermore, in a move that bucks the trend within the audio industry, every product announced today is ready for immediate shipment.

Taking advantage of the latest computer technology, the Cambridge 'Q' host PC represents a significant step forward for CEDAR Cambridge. With up to four processing cores (dual- dual-core Athlon processors) this offers more than double the processing power of previous hardware revisions. The increase in power is of particular benefit to users who take advantage of the system's multi-channel capabilities. It will also be a boon for audio forensic investigators, because it makes it possible to use high bandwidth adaptive filters with significantly longer filter lengths, resulting in improved noise suppression and increased intelligibility.

CEDAR Cambridge V3 core

In parallel with the new hardware, CEDAR Cambridge V3 represents a major rewrite of the CEDAR Cambridge core software. Three years in development, this incorporates significant improvements to the user-interface, a hugely improved File Processor and automation system, much-enhanced audio handling capabilities, and superior performance in many of the audio processing modules.

CAM7: Debuzz-3

Debuzz-3 is the best debuzzer yet. It provides full-bandwidth processing, removing components across the entire audio spectrum, and is capable of removing buzzes and hums with fundamentals as high as 500Hz. Compared with earlier algorithms, it offers improved signal modelling and better component tracking, retaining the wanted signal that lies at the same frequencies as the buzz itself. Having locked on to the fundamental, it even has the ability to cope with jittery buzzes.

CAM10: Adaptive Filter Pack v2

Version 2 of CEDAR's Adaptive Filter Pack represents another significant upgrade. Introducing CEDAR's proprietary 'Out Of Band' capability, these filters allow users to retain much more of the energy associated with sibilants and fricatives to maximise the intelligibility of the speech. This makes CEDAR's adaptive filters far more effective than those that analyse and filter the whole signal in a single frequency band.

The CEDAR Cambridge 'Q' hardware and V3 software are immediately available. The software modules are free upgrades for existing owners, and are fully compatible with all versions of the CEDAR Cambridge hardware.

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