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15 April 2015

NAB SHOW, LAS VEGAS, USA: CEDAR Studio is valued worldwide by users ranging from high-profile film studios to covert audio forensic laboratories. Today, we are proud to launch CEDAR Studio 7, which takes a massive leap forward with the introduction of the latest incarnation of CEDAR's ground-breaking Retouch™ process, plus a new DNS One™ that includes the Learn function from our award-winning DNS 8 Live™ noise suppressor. With more advanced processes that allow users to improve the sound quality of their audio quickly and with the minimum of fuss or intervention, CEDAR Studio 7 remains the choice of top audio professionals everywhere.

NEW in CEDAR Studio 7 - Retouch 7

With its slick new user interface and enhanced processing capabilities, Retouch 7 stands alone as the spectral editor of choice for anyone who needs to be able to identify, isolate and manipulate individual sounds within an audio file. With two new processes - Cleanse and Revert - it's now possible to obtain optimum results more easily and more quickly than ever before. What's more, we've even created a standalone version so that you no longer need a workstation to access the power of Retouch.

NEW in CEDAR Studio 7 - DNS One with LEARN

A huge step forward in dialogue noise suppression, the secret of the latest version of DNS One is revealed by its LEARN button. Developed from the groundbreaking algorithm within our award-winning DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressor, LEARN allows DNS One to calculate an estimate of the background noise level and determine suitable noise attenuations at each frequency for optimum suppression. Leave it switched on, and it will adapt to changes in the background without adding latency or eating into the wanted signal.

Adaptive Limiter 2

This unique algorithm calculates a continuously varying EQ profile to constrain the output while retaining the integrity of the input for a perfectly controlled signal that remains much more natural than audio processed using conventional limiters. It's also an unsurpassed maximiser and is ideal for mixing, final mastering and other creative duties.

Auto dehiss

Other dehissers can generate horrible 'twittering' artefacts, but Auto Dehiss embodies a much more advanced algorithm that determines the noise content and removes it without the introduction of unwanted side-effects. A manual mode is also offered for fine-tuning if desired.


This powerful process is capable of removing all manner of buzzes and hums with fundamentals as high as 500Hz. It will also track wandering tones and can successfully restore your audio without unwanted side-effects such as the hollow sounds introduced by conventional buzz and hum filters.


Declick offers better detection and a better interpolator than any previous plug-in declicker. This results in superior performance across a wider range of material than ever before - so good that it's often not possible to hear that the signal was damaged prior to restoration.


Boasting a remarkable ability to dig into a damaged signal, this will eliminate all manner of crackles without damaging the wanted audio. It also removes many forms of buzz, it silences lighting interference and it even suppresses some forms of amplitude distortion.


This identifies and removes most instances of clipping in a single pass. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly it reconstructs the original signal, improving clarity, reducing or even eliminating distortion, and restoring the original dynamic range of the damaged audio.

Host systems:

• Mac: OS X 10.7 onward
• PC: Windows 7 onward


• Pro Tools 11 & 12: AAX Native & AudioSuite 64-bit
• VST 2.4: 64-bit (all processes except Retouch 7)
• Standalone: Retouch 7 only




The latest price list includes all CEDAR Studio 7 processes and upgrade options from previous product lines. Upgrades of existing CEDAR Studio 6 processes to their equivalents in CEDAR Studio 7 (including DNS One with LEARN) will be free of charge. [E&OE]

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