Introducing CEDAR Trinity 4.1 - CEDAR's flagship audio surveillance system

CEDAR Trinity

21 November 2019

CEDAR Audio has been assisting the law enforcement and intelligence communities for more than 25 years in areas such as counter terrorism, drug enforcement, customs and border control and military intelligence, as well as air and marine accident investigation.

Today, we are proud to announce a significant upgrade to our CEDAR Trinity multi-user surveillance recorder, processor, transcription and reporting system. CEDAR Trinity 4.1 offers all of the facilities needed to monitor, collect and enhance audio in the field or the lab, and the latest version greatly extends previous systems with three enhancements implemented in direct response to requests from customers in the field.

Master/Slave control

To aid novice users, CEDAR Trinity provides Master/Slave functionality for multi-user installations. This allows experienced operators to determine suitable speech enhancement parameters for a given piece of audio and to program the settings of one or more slave systems. Slaves can be compulsory (the local user cannot override the parameter values determined by the Master) or voluntary (the local user receives the Master values but is able to override them).


You can now assign actions such as play/pause, fast forward and fast rewind or slow playback to a suitable device such as the Infinity USB footpedal, leaving your hands free for typing.


The CEDAR Trinity recorder is now Dante® compatible through the use of the Dante Virtual Soundcard. Its ability to transfer many channels of audio from input devices to the recorder using standard networks rather than large numbers of audio cables makes it easier and more cost effective to create larger CEDAR Trinity installations. Such systems are more robust than traditional audio cabling and can be used over much greater distances. This makes them particularly useful in environments such as central monitoring posts.


CEDAR Trinity 4.1 is immediately available from CEDAR Audio Ltd and its specialist surveillance channel.

See CEDAR Trinity.

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