CEDAR Audio announces Version 2 of CEDAR for Windows and offers free upgrades to all existing users

CEDAR for Windows Console

12 March 1999

CEDAR Audio has launched a major revision of its flagship CEDAR for Windows audio restoration system. Based on the new v2 Console software, the new system includes upgrades to many of the restoration modules.

Of these, the most significant is perhaps the major revision to NR-3. This offers a choice of three new noise reduction algorithms and gives the user the ability to remove more noise with less danger of side-effects than ever before. Also updated, the v2 Phase/Time corrector incorporates a new detection algorithm that locks on to and tracks timing errors more accurately than previous versions. Debuzz v2 is included, together with the latest version of CEDAR's award-winning Declick, Decrackle and Dehiss2 modules.

The new system also incorporates CEDAR's latest Spectrum Analyser. With a remarkable accuracy of 0.01Hz and resolution of 0.25Hz, this is a major new tool for users who need to remove buzzes, hums and other spectral noises from recordings. Already in use at beta-sites within audio forensic laboratories, this promises to be a powerful addition to the CEDAR for Windows family.

CEDAR for Windows v2 retains all its predecessor's features, such as the ability to process up to 16 channels of audio in real time. All existing systems may be upgraded to the new specification, and owners of existing systems can apply directly to CEDAR Audio or to their local dealers for free upgrades.

All CEDAR for Windows systems shipped after 12 March 1999 will be Version 2.0.

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