CEDAR discontinues the DNS1000


13 December 2007

After seven years of unrivalled success, the DNS1000 dialogue noise suppressor has been deleted from CEDAR's product range and replaced by the DNS1500.

Gordon Reid, Managing Director of the company explained, "The decision to replace the DNS1000 was taken because certain key components were becoming difficult to obtain. The good news is that this also gave us the opportunity and incentive to update the DNS design, and to improve its performance in the key areas of maximum sample rate and 2-channel performance"

The DNS1000 was the most successful product of its type ever manufactured, installed in and used by TV, film and post studios the world over. It made otherwise unusable interviews intelligible, saved huge costs in ADR, and rescued dialogue for movies such as The Lord Of The Rings, Spiderman, Castaway, as well as countless others. It was also a valuable tool in audio forensic investigation, used for cleaning audio signals in the lab and during live surveillance.

You can read about the DNS1000's replacement, the DNS1500 here.

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