CEDAR further improves the audio quality of the DNS 8D dialogue noise suppressor

CEDAR DNS 8D dialogue noise suppressor

30 March 2020

While work was progressing on the functional upgrades that we released last month for the DNS 8D, our audio research team was refining its underlying algorithm to make sure that it wouldn't just be more usable but also better sounding than ever before. Today, their results are realised in firmware v1.3, which offers a more open and natural sound than earlier versions whether the operator is using the DNS 8D's machine learning capabilities or setting it up manually.

CEDAR's Managing Director, Gordon Reid, says, "When I compare the DNS 8D with our original dialogue noise suppressors I realise just how far this technology has come in the past few years. It's a continuous process; last month we enhanced the preset management and user interfaces for both the DNS 8D and its remote control, and this month we're noticeably improving the audio quality. Existing users are going to like what they hear when they update their units to v1.3, and new users... well, it will just sound great."

All DNS 8Ds shipped from this date will have v1.3 installed. Owners of existing units can download the new firmware directly from our website together with the latest DNS 8D manual which includes update instructions.

We would like to thank our customers and beta-testers whose experience and insight were invaluable during the development of v1.3.

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