The CEDAR DNS2000 is used on Deal Or No Deal and Damages in the USA

CEDAR DNS2000 dialogue noise suppressor

28 April 2009

In its April 2009 issue, Post Magazine has published an article entitled "Audio for TV Series". Concentrating on audio post for US television, the magazine talked to engineers involved on Deal Or No Deal and Damages, both of whom use their CEDAR DNS2000s extensively.

Fred Howard, re-recording mixer for Deal Or No Deal at Hollywood's Larson Studios uses a Pro Tools HD system controlled by a D-Command. He said, "I came from a background of mixing in the box, but it's great to work on faders. On the D-Command, you can map all the parameters of the plug-ins and bring them up on the control surface. We use the CEDAR DNS2000 and, with the custom faders, it works just like their hardware interface."

Sean Garnhart, re-recording mixer for Damages, has a different perspective. He says, "The majority of the actors are giving these really quiet but intense performances; often just above a whisper, so there can be times when there is a signal-to-noise ratio question. I am constantly weighing the environment of the scene versus the actor's performance when I am mixing. So I try to use noise reduction on a case-by-case basis. I usually use the CEDAR DNS2000."

About the DNS2000

Dialogue noise suppression techniques are used to clean up noisy dialogue for film production, suppress ambient noise for live TV and radio broadcasting, revitalise sound effects libraries, and enhance speech for forensic audio investigations. The DNS2000 is a fully automated implementation of CEDAR's DNS technology designed specifically for Pro Tools users. Connected to its Mac- or Windows- based Pro Tools host using a USB cable, the DNS2000 provides the 24-bit I/O for the system and will handle two independent channels simultaneously. Housed in a 1U rack, it performs all the audio processing in real-time, thus freeing up the host computer's CPU for other tasks.

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