CEDAR Audio appoints SADiE GmbH to be its German Distributor


1 March 1999

Following many years of technical co-operation with Studio Audio and Video in the UK, and numerous sales of dual SADiE/CEDAR systems to users all over the world, CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce the appointment of SADiE GmbH as its German importer and distributor.

CEDAR's Managing Director, Gordon Reid, says, "We have worked closely with the three SADiE companies for many years. From 1992 to 1995 Studio Audio and Video supplied us with the modified DSP boards that were the basis of the CEDAR 2 Production System, and for the past three years we have worked together to develop the DeNoise and DeClick plug-ins for SADiE3. In addition to this, many restoration studios have CEDAR rackmount units as front-ends for their SADiE editors and, because both companies provide products hosted by PCs, many users use SADiE and CEDAR for Windows side-by-side in the same machine. In this climate, it was perhaps inevitable that we would eventually work more closely with SADiE in a commercial sense. SADiE GmbH is extremely well known in Germany, and its appointment as our German importer and distributor will help to increase CEDAR's profile in this important European market. It will also bring the supply and support of two closely related audio product families under a single roof."

SADiE GmbH will handle the full CEDAR range - CEDAR for Windows, CEDAR for Pro Tools, plus both rackmount product ranges, Series 2 and Series X - and will be appointing a network of CEDAR dealers throughout Germany. Former CEDAR dealer, MediaCom GmbH, will form part of this network and existing MediaCom customers will be able to continue obtaining CEDAR products and support from that company.

CEDAR Audio and Studio Audio and Video will continue to work together on technical projects in the UK. Existing arrangements between CEDAR Audio USA and SADiE Inc. remain unaffected by the appointment of SADiE GmbH.

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