CEDAR removes problems for Harry Potter and The Corpse Bride

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16 November 2005

To ensure that the highest possible standards were maintained on Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and The Corpse Bride, Warner Bros and the Ascent Media Group have used CEDAR Audio's in-house studio in Cambridge, UK to eliminate clipping distortion from dialogue and music tracks prior to mixing.

On Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Paul Alexander used CEDAR Cambridge to remove clipping from approximately forty clips ranging from five to thirty seconds duration. In almost every case, these were taken from loud, dramatic scenes and featured the cast shouting, screaming, and crying out. By eliminating the problems, he made ADR unnecessary for these scenes, saving a great deal of production time and cost.

Paul also used CEDAR Cambridge to remove clipping from crowd scenes and other dialogue tracks for Tim Burton's latest animation, The Corpse Bride. He also fixed a problem on Danny Elfman's song, Remains Of The Day, which features on the soundtrack.

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