Clean movie audio in post without any artefacts

On the set of Haus Kummerveldt

6 April 2020

To create clean and professional mixes for a video production takes time and expertise. But you still need the best tools to obtain the best results; tools like CEDAR Studio.

While preparing his master's degree film Haus Kummerveldt for the Max Ophüls Prize film festival, German location sound mixer and editor Florian Högerlem used the CEDAR Studio DNS suite during post-production to remove unwanted background noise and refine the film's overall sound. He told us that, on one occasion at the beginning of the movie, there were unwanted car sounds on a recording of an old clock. Florian used DNS One to process the audio, leaving no trace of the noise. He told us, "My colleague's jaw dropped and he didn't know what to say. It was like polishing the recording without any artefacts. I love moments like this".

He continued, "I always try to explain to people there is no such thing as a magic wand in audio post-production. Getting rid of unwanted noise is mostly done by a lot of editing. But CEDAR always surprises me. It takes away just the noise and leaves your sound as it is."

We would like to extend our thanks to Florian for his insight and kind words.

High resolution image: On the set of Haus Kummerveldt. Photo by Abbyll Selda Koe.

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