Jon Astley restores The Who with CEDAR's rackmount processors

CEDAR's Clive Osborn with Jon Astley

10 February 1999

Jon Astley, winner of the 1998 CEDAR Award for 'CD Rematering from a Modern Recording' has recently restored a compilation of recordings by The Who for release on Polydor and MCA later this year.

The live tracks range from 1965's Anyway Anyhow Anywhere to the 1973 Old Grey Whistle Test recordings of Relay and Long Live Rock. The compilation also includes rare versions of Good Lovin', Just You and Me, and even a recording of Dancing In The Strees, as well as many of the popular The Who classics.

Astley, who owns a CEDAR DC-1 De-Clicker and a CR-1 De-Crackler, used the CR-1 to remove crackle from the audio tracks, as well as some of the dialogue that appeared between each track. He explains, "The dialogue consisted of Brian Matthews interviews with Pete Townsend. Both Townsend and Matthews were unintelligible in places due to the large amount of crackle. However, the CR-1 De-Crackle performed an excellent job in removing this."

Astley won his CEDAR Award for the restoration of the Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions on Atlantic Recordings. He used his DC-1 De-Clicker and CR-1 De-Crackler, as well as CEDAR's De-Noise plug-in running on a SADiE Editor to remove clicks, scratches, crackle and hiss from these recordings.

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