CEDAR Audio supplies four systems to the Marr Sound Archive in Kansas City

University Libraries

21 April 1999

The University of Missouri at Kansas City has purchased four CEDAR units for the Marr Sound Archive at the Miller Nichols Library. A CEDAR for Windows NR-3 noise reduction system forms the core of the installation, with three Series 2 outboard processors performing declicking, decrackling and phase correction.

Chuck Haddix, Sound Recording Specialist for the Archive says, "I really think that CEDAR is the best noise reduction system available for our purposes. What appeals to me is the ability to process everything in real time. CEDAR is also very versatile. I looked at the other options and they are pale shades compared to CEDAR."

"We are very pleased to be adding CEDAR to our Sound Preservation Laboratory because it takes us to a whole new level. You can be 'penny wise and pound stupid', and I consider CEDAR a very sound investment that will enable us to do preservation work at levels not possible for us before. Also, the whole issue of analogue versus digital is very interesting in this line of work because most sound archives are not going digital yet. That's unfortunate - it's time to make that leap, so I'm really looking forward to restoring the audio with CEDAR and then using our new SADiE system to make the collection available over the internet. CEDAR, SADiE, WAV files and the net -- it's very exciting."

The CEDAR equipment was supplied by Fraser Jones of CEDAR Audio USA, and will be installed by Seth Winner of the Seth Winner Sound Studios, Merrick, NY. Winner is himself a renowned audio restoration engineer and archivist, with CEDAR for Windows, an original CEDAR Production System and a selection of CEDAR outboard processors at his studio on Long Island.

The Marr Sound Archives, a unit of the Special Collections Department, includes nearly 170,000 sound recordings including LPs, 78s, 45s, cylinders, transcription discs, instantaneous cut discs and open-reel tapes. The focus of the collection is the American experience as reflected in recorded sound. The Archives collection includes American popular music, jazz, blues, country, historic voices, vintage radio programs, authors reading their own works as well as historic classical and operatic recordings. The Archives is noted for its collection of jazz recordings which encompasses all styles and movements of jazz. The popular collection dates from the beginning of recorded sound in the 1890s up to 1980. This aspect of the collection is rich with topical references which reflect events of the day.

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Chuck Haddix - Sound Recording Specialist
Miller Nichols Library, Marr Sound Archive, University of Missouri at Kansas City, 5100 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64110-2499.
e: chaddix@umkc.edu