Posting location sound recorded using the CEDAR DNS 2

Andreas Kluge and the CEDAR DNS 2

24 November 2016

Back in July, we reported that Andreas Kluge, who has worked for 20 years in the fields of TV movies and series, cinema and advertising, had become the first DNS 2 user in Germany when shooting episodes of the TV series 'The Family of Dr. Kleist', using the unit to reduce unwanted background noise without changing the intrinsic sound of the original recordings. Following his experience on location he now talks about post, telling us, "The response from the post-production team to the recordings we made was extremely positive as a result of the set-up on the set. The dialogue was cleaned using the DNS 2 during the recording, and could be processed with much less effort in post."

Knowing that post engineers generally prefer raw audio, we asked him whether there had been any problem supplying processed recordings. He explained that he had supplied both the raw recordings and those cleaned using the DNS 2, continuing, "The post-processing of the uncleaned sequences recorded in parallel didn't produce any better results, suggesting that it might be advantageous to consider the possibilities of DNS 2 noise suppression during the planning stage of sound recordings. The use of the DNS 2 also meant that post-production was much more relaxed and took less time while offering the same or better quality as we could have obtained by any other method."

See: CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor

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