CEDAR Cambridge helps to rescue The Complete Library of Congress Recordings of Jelly Roll Morton

48th Grammy Awards Jelly Roll Morton 8CD box set

7 March 2006

CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce that a CEDAR Cambridge system has been used by Steve Rosenthal of The Magic Shop, New York, to restoreThe Complete Library of Congress Recordings of Jelly Roll Mortonby Alan Lomax. This 8CD Box Set won in the Best Historical Album category at the recent 48th Annual Grammy Awards.

Steve Rosenthal began this project by visiting The Library of Congress and transferring the original discs to DSD technology. The discs were worn from years of being played by visitors to the Library, and that - together with their age - resulted in plenty of clicks, scratches, hum and surface noise. The Magic Shop engineers then used CEDAR Cambridge to remove layers of clicks, scratches and surface noise. The result was a Grammy Award winning set of recordings.

Steve Rosenthal explains, "I am a firm believer in natural sound. I did not want to remove all the artefacts and take away the sense of history in these recordings, but I did want to restore them to their original quality. CEDAR Cambridge is an extraordinary system that allowed me to identify with exact detail where the problems were and I was able to remove them without damaging the wanted signal. In addition, CEDAR Cambridge's real-time processing power saved valuable time allowing me and my staff at The Magic Shop to complete this amazing project in just three weeks."

Grammy Awards were presented to The Magic Shop owner Steve Rosenthal, together with Anna Lomax Wood, Jeffrey Greenberg, and Adam Ayan.

CEDAR Cambridge is CEDAR's flagship audio restoration system, offering multi-channel high-resolution restoration with multiple, simultaneous processes and full automation capabilities. CEDAR Cambridge v2.6 is the latest revision of the system. It offers advances in the user interface, additional features in the File Processing system, a significant upgrade to the tracking accuracy of the Debuzz algorithm, plus the addition of two new modules: Vintage Decrackle and a DC Filter.

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