CEDAR Deutschland to present CEDAR 'live' at the Light and Sound Convention, Münster

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13 October 2008

Using CEDAR for live sound

The 2008 Light & Sound Convention, a trade fair for professional event technology, will be held from 24 - 26 October in the Halle Münsterland in Münster, Westphalia. It offers an exciting and diversified programme including free lectures and workshops.

Among these, Uwe Seyfert of CEDAR Deutschland will be presenting "Removal of unwanted noise from audio in post and live productions", demonstrating how CEDAR can be taken outside mastering studios, archives and forensic laboratories to assist live sound engineers and post production houses to obtain the best from live events - whether broadcast direct to air or recorded for later use.

The presentation will be in Seminar Room 2 on Friday 24th October at 2:30pm.

For further information:

CEDAR Deutschland, Rahestrasse 23, D-49525 Lengerich, Germany.
t: +49 5481 945087
f: +49 5481 945088
e: info@cedaraudio.de
w: www.cedaraudio.de