CEDAR Audio and CEDAR Audio USA to exhibit at NAB 2015

NAB 2013

--- See us on booth no. C3039 ---

Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA, 13 - 16 April 2015

CEDAR Audio has long been recognized as the world leader in its field, and remains the only company dedicated solely to the development of noise suppression and audio restoration technologies.

This year at the NAB show, we will be exhibiting the new CEDAR Studio 7™ suite of processes for AAX and VST platforms. This includes the latest DNS One with LEARN™, Retouch7™ , and a new standalone version of Retouch 7™ which has been requested by audio professionals worldwide.

CEDAR DNS One with LEARN At first glance, DNS One with LEARN appears to be identical with previous versions of DNS One, but the secret of the latest version is revealed by the LEARN button that has appeared to the left of the control panel. A further development of the groundbreaking algorithm contained within our award-winning DNS 8 Live dialogue noise suppressor, LEARN allows DNS One to calculate an adapting estimate of the background noise level and determine suitable noise attenuations at each frequency for optimum suppression. See: DNS One with LEARN

CEDAR Retouch 7 With its slick new user interface and enhanced processing capabilities, Retouch 7 stands alone as the spectral editor of choice for anyone who needs to be able to identify, isolate and manipulate individual sounds within an audio file. Two powerful new processes - Cleanse and Revert - are added, and the simplified GUI makes it possible to obtain optimum results more easily and more quickly than ever before. Retouch 7 is available as a 64-bit process for Pro Tools and, since VST does not support the Retouch architecture, we have created a standalone version for both the Mac and the PC. Now, with no workstation or other host required, Retouch is available for everyone. See: Retouch 7

Alongside CEDAR Studio 7, we will be demonstrating the DNS1500 dialogue noise suppressor, plus our flagship CEDAR Cambridge™ workstation and the CEDAR Duo™ rackmount restoration modules. But pride of place will again be given to the DNS 8 Live™ multi-channel dialogue noise suppressor. Now widely adopted across the world, this has become the dialogue noise suppressor of choice for all forms of live broadcast and live events.

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