Scientists use CEDAR Cambridge to help confirm the identity of a masked militant

National Center for Media Forensics

15 April 2019

ABC Denver 7 has reported that the National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) at the University of Colorado in Denver recently helped to confirm the identity of a war criminal who claimed to be the narrator in a series of terrorist propaganda videos and recordings.

Catalin Grigoras (director of CU Denver's National Center for Media Forensics) and his team cleaned and analysed digital evidence from an execution video plus other samples from various suspects to determine the identity of the militant who appears to speak perfect English in a North American accent. After cleaning the audio using the Center's CEDAR Cambridge forensic system, the audio was put through a series of scientific vocal analysis tests and researchers concluded that the man in the video is 134 times more likely to be the suspect than anyone else. "It's extremely important for our conclusions to be accurate", says Jeff Smith, Associate Director of the Center, "and we are confident enough to say that they are the same person".

CU Denver receives federal funds from the Department of Justice and has become a world-class facility with a master's program for training in multi-media forensics.

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