Offenburg University trains media students using DNS One

Offenburg University

22 September 2010

The Media and Information Faculty of Offenburg University has adopted the CEDAR DNS One for its training courses. Markus Moser, sound technician, dialogue engineer and technical manager, is responsible for the equipment used by the faculty. He is active in the audio field, and supervises film soundtracks and other audio work from initial commissioning to the final mixes for radio, CD, DVD, broadcast and cinema release. He says about the DNS One:

"We want to ensure that our students work with the industry standard tools that they will encounter in their working life. The CEDAR DNS One is the standard for noise suppression in film and post-production and, above all other products, it is extremely intuitive and offers very efficient performance for dialogue treatment. Given the pressure and speed of video production today, it is often impossible to optimise the original dialogue recording itself, yet our students often have to begin posting without the opportunity to address the trickier tasks of proper restoration. We tried other denoising solutions, but these were rarely successful, and time-consuming macro editing was then necessary. In contrast, our first experiences showed that processing audio using CEDAR's DNS process is much more effective, as well as free from artefacts."

"With the appearance of DNS as a fully integrated Pro Tools plug-in, it now offers multiple instances and full automation for complex mixes, but its efficiency means that it can offer all this without overloading the host processors. This makes it eminently practical for us, and highly applicable to the training that we offer on all our Pro Tools workstations."

The CEDAR DNS One is installed in the university's AV Studio complex, which boasts a Pro Tools HD3 system and D-Command console in the main studio, as well as additional systems within the audio laboratories.

For further information:

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t: +49 5481 945087