CEDAR Audio announces 20% price reduction for flagship SERIES 2™ modules

AZ-1 azimuth corrector CR-1 decrackler
DC-1 declicker DH-1 dehisser

20 November 1997

Following the hugely successful launch of its lower cost Series X declicker, decrackler and dehisser modules, CEDAR Audio has permanently reduced the prices of all four SERIES 2 units.

The DC-1 De-clicker, formerly £9,995, will now sell - as will the AZ-1 Azimuth Corrector - for £7,995. The CR-1 De-crackler and DH-2 De-hisser, both formerly £11,995, are now £2,400 cheaper at £9,595.

The new prices apply with immediate effect.

CEDAR's SERIES 2 modules are installed at many of the industry's leading audio and video studios, as well as in national libraries, audio forensic laboratories, and archives world-wide. With their twin AT&T processors and dedicated house-keeping processor, these offer more power than any other stand-alone audio restoration products. Furthermore, since the floating-point algorithms used by all CEDAR processes are the most appropriate for audio restoration, the performance of all SERIES 2 units vastly exceeds that of all integer-processor based systems.

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