A brace of Resolution Awards for CEDAR in 2013

Resolution Awards for CEDAR in 2013

"Praising quality, innovation and creativity"

26 November 2013

We are proud to announce that both CEDAR Studio AAX and the DNS 8 Live have won Resolutions Awards in 2013, the first in the plug-in category, and the second as the stand-out hardware processor of the year.

Receiving the Awards at an evening reception at the recent AES Convention in New York, Gordon Reid, the Managing Director of CEDAR Audio said, "Our mission is to help sound engineers achieve results that were previously impossible. Consequently, we're very proud of the recognition that these Awards represent, and we would like to thank everyone who voted for them."

They said...

CEDAR Studio Resolution Award 2013 "... you need to trust your tools implicitly, and the DNS 8 Live will earn that trust."
CEDAR Studio Resolution Award 2013 "I'm sure that [the DNS 8 Live] will win many awards and that it will sell by the truckload; it deserves to."
CEDAR Studio Resolution Award 2013 "DNS One continues to be the absolute best ... clean, artefact-free manipulation that other solutions can't match."
CEDAR Studio Resolution Award 2013 "The new and improved Adaptive Limiter may be the best sounding limiter ever."
CEDAR Studio Resolution Award 2013 "Pro Tools users looking for the best tools ... need look no further."

About the Resolution Awards

The Resolution Awards celebrate quality and innovation in professional audio equipment. Zenon Schoepe, editor of Resolution magazine, says of them, "It's time to recognise and reward the core values of quality and innovation that underpin our industry and to get away from accolades that merely trivialise and pay lip-service to the effort involved. You can expect Resolution Awards, like the magazine, to be different from the rest and they will be decided by the best qualified readership that there is. A Resolution Award will have genuine value."

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