CEDAR Cambridge V3 - "if you need an audio sorceror, CEDAR has the spells"

CEDAR Cambridge V3 audio restoration system

10 January 2007

CEDAR Cambridge V3 and the new CEDAR Cambridge 'Q' hardware have been reviewed in the November/December 2006 issue of Resolution magazine. Well known post-production engineer, Rob James, said of the system, "there is no substitute for the real thing. CEDAR processing continues to be the state of the art... There is no real alternative."

James also said...

  • About NR-5: "can produce the best results I've ever heard from this class of [dehissing] device in the shortest possible time"
  • About DNS: "still brings a smile at the miracles it can achieve"
  • About Debuzz-3: "the results I heard were almost uncanny"
  • About Declip: "the results obtained here are quite remarkable"
  • About the EQ: "subtle and very heavy equalisation can be applied with none of the usual artefacts"
  • About the Adaptive Filter pack: "the results are truly astonishing "

Finally he added, "If you need an audio sorceror, CEDAR has the spells".

About CEDAR Cambridge

The latest eight channel, quad-processor CEDAR Cambridge 'Q' host PC and V3 software introduce major changes and improvements to the CEDAR Cambridge system. These include new, more powerful hardware, a new software core, and many improved processing modules.

The most powerful restoration system yet developed, CEDAR Cambridge V3 remains capable of removing more noise - and more types of noise - than any other, without damaging the desired audio or introducing unwanted side-effects and artefacts.

For further information:

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