CEDAR Audio launches Retouch 5™

CEDAR Audio Retouch 5

29 June 2012

Another significant step forward...

Launched as one of the major upgrades in the latest CEDAR Cambridge V8™ audio restoration and speech enhancement system, Retouch 5 takes the science of spectrographic editing to a new level, with additional tools that allow users to manipulate and restore audio more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Most obvious of these, the variable area Paintbrush makes it possible to select areas of audio in a completely intuitive manner by painting over them in the spectrogram. This allows users to pinpoint problems or draw broad sweeps to identify complex sounds such as aircraft flying overhead or vehicles creating complex Doppler shifted tones as they pass the microphone. Multiple areas can be painted at any given time, and the erase function makes it possible to trim existing areas or create complex shapes that most accurately represent the audio to be treated.

There's also a new processing mode, called Volume. This allows users to alter the volume of the marked audio or everything but the marked audio in the range +20dB to -150dB. In the former case, this makes it possible to accentuate wanted sounds as diverse as overly quiet words in dialogue or the beater click of a kick drum in mixed audio, or (of course) to suppress unwanted noises. In the latter case, it makes it possible to eliminate everything but the marked audio to reveal individual sounds in ways that were never before possible.

In addition to this, Retouch 5 introduces a Pitch Shifter in Patch and Copy modes. This invokes a genuine pitch shift algorithm that takes into account the relative pitches of components within the audio selection, greatly aiding the correction of errors in harmonically rich material. Used together with the new MIDI Note scale on the frequency axis, this even allows users to correct the pitches of incorrect notes within musical material.

Boasting numerous other improvements, Retouch 5 introduces Previewing, which allows users to audition their edits before laying the material back into the File Processor, the ability to load and process unlimited file lengths, improved transport capabilities, time markers, and a more configurable display than before.

The Plaudits

CEDAR Retouch was chosen alongside world-changing products such as the Apple iPod and iTunes as one of the Products That Mattered Most in Pro Sound New Europe's Review Of The Decade, being described as something that "seriously challenges the notion of a definitive electro-mechanical record of events".

When all else fails, Retouch 5™ gives you complete control.


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