CEDAR Audio announces an enhanced DeNoise for the new SADiE 24•96 System

SADiE DeNoise by CEDAR

16th May 1998

Further to Studio Audio & Video's launch of their 96kHz SADiE system, CEDAR Audio announces the latest version of DeNoise, the audio restoration plug-in specifically designed for, and implemented on, SADiE.

Running on the SADiE 24·96 editing platform announced at this AES Convention, the new version of DeNoise has been enhanced to take advantage of recent algorithmic developments that considerably improve the product's transient response. The benefits of this include brighter, more dynamic restorations, and a lesser risk of side effects on difficult passages.

Operating at 44.1kHz and 48kHz, DeNoise always uses the full 40-bit floating-point resolution offered by SADiE 24·96, ensuring the highest possible sound quality throughout the system.

DeNoise is used in a wide range of applications including film and TV post production, CD and DVD mastering, music editing, radio production, telecine transfer, and forensic audio.

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