Using the DNS 8 Live for optimal monitor sound on the Scooter tour 2018

DNS 8 Live Scooter Tour

12 March 2018

The CEDAR DNS 8 Live is the first choice for many sound engineers when it comes to reducing background noise in live sound, whether for front of house, monitoring or live event broadcasting. Despite its powerful algorithm it's easy to operate over many channels, and Kai Reiss of Audiostage has told us how he uses the DNS 8 Live to improve the monitor mix on the current Scooter tour. "A clean monitor signal is often crucial for the well-being of the musicians and for obtaining a convincing musical performance, especially on loud stages that present unwanted signals to the microphones and make it difficult to obtain a clear mix."

"On the current Scooter tour, I mainly use the DNS 8 Live for the in-ear mixes as well as for the vocal signals that we send to the wedges. This works very well and, because the DNS 8 Live doesn't add latency, we can obtain much better channel separation and set up the monitor mixes so that they are much more targeted and tidy for each performer."

Scooter is a three-piece German techno dance group founded in Hamburg, and has had 23 German top-10 hits, sold over 30 million records and earned over 80 Gold and Platinum awards. The 2018 international tour takes them from Germany to the UK, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Hungary and Russia.

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