The CEDAR SE 1 speech enhancer for audio surveillance and communications

CEDAR SE 1 speech enhancer

AES International Conference on Audio Forensics, Arlington VA, 15 June 2017

We are proud to announce the CEDAR SE 1 speech enhancer, which offers two channels of advanced filtering and speech enhancement in a small device that sits immediately between the probes (microphones) and the headphones. Designed following consultation with numerous forces, it offers low latency and the simplest possible controls, making it ideal for covert surveillance and rapid tactical response in the field.

Make your intelligence more intelligible...

Police, security and counter-terrorism forces require covert audio surveillance systems that are rugged and simple to use while remaining as small and light as possible. The ability to run from battery packs is a bonus too. CEDAR's SE 1 speech enhancer satisfies all of these criteria. Despite being small enough to fit into your pocket, its advanced audio processing capabilities allow field operatives to monitor audio, reduce noise and improve the listenability of audio captured in adverse conditions. It's flexible too. The SE 1 integrates easily with other equipment using either analogue or digital inputs and outputs, and incorporates two independent headphone outputs for live monitoring directly from the unit itself. You can even take the input from a single probe and output two signals - the untreated audio and the filtered audio - so that courts and investigators can hear both versions of the signal available to the field agents.

The SE 1's audio processing is far more sophisticated than that of conventional noise reduction products, offering two simultaneous processes that maximise listenability and intelligibility. The first is a powerful noise suppressor based upon CEDAR's ground-breaking FNR forensic noise reduction system. The second is a dynamic signal enhancement filter optimised to reveal the speech yet further, and which incorporates a limiter to minimise distortion and protect the hearing of listeners who may be monitoring at high levels under headphones.

Uses for the SE 1 include:

  • improving signal quality and intelligibility during live surveillance
  • enhancing the clarity of real-time communications
  • making transcription easier and more accurate

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