CEDAR Audio announces Series X+

CEDAR BRX+ debuzzer CEDAR AZX+ azimuth corrector

12 March 1999

CEDAR Audio has launched two new rackmount modules designed to complement its existing Series X declicker, decrackler and dehisser.

With more processing power and more control options than Series X, there are two models in the "Series X+" range: the BRX+ debuzzer, and the AZX+ Azimuth Corrector. Each is based upon 40-bit floating-point DSP hardware with true 24-bit AES/EBU and SPDIF I/O, and each hosts the latest developments in CEDAR's audio processing algorithms.

The BRX+ debuzzer incorporates the latest of CEDAR's Debuzz algorithms, which were originally developed for the flagship CEDAR for Windows system. This will completely eliminate power supply hum and similar noises, reduce camera noise, and correct many of the unspecified buzzy audio degradations that affect OB and location recordings. The BRX+ uses a buzz detection and removal technique based, in part, upon Baysian analysis, and this helps eliminate the unwanted side-effects introduced by techniques related to simple comb-filtering. The BRX+ is, therefore, particularly suitable for use in forensic audio laboratories where the reduction of such noises can increase the listenability of surveillance tapes, and assist transcription.

The AZX+ azimuth corrector is also based upon its equivalent CEDAR for Windows module. It offers auto-correction to within 0.25 samples plus a manual mode that allows users to slide channels against each other with a precision of 0.01 samples. These facilities allow you to recover high frequencies, improve bass response, restore mono compatibility, and clarify imaging that can not be corrected by other methods. CEDAR's existing Azimuth Correctors are used widely in the music, TV, and radio industries, as well as in national archives, libraries and audio forensic laboratories.

Both Series X+ products will be distributed worldwide through CEDAR's range of international dealers.

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