The Bill apprehends a CEDAR DNS1000 dialogue noise suppressor

30 July 2001

Pearson Television Productions has purchased a CEDAR DNS1000 Dynamic Noise Suppressor specifically for use on ITV's The Bill. Dubbing Mixers John York and Richard Churchill are using it to remove unwanted location noise and to clean dialogue. With much of the location filming taking place in London, unwanted noise can be a serious problem and, with a fast turn around production schedule, the DNS1000 is playing an important role in helping to avoid expensive, time consuming overdub sessions that may have otherwise been necessary.

The Bill is one of ITV's most successful programmes and has been running since 1983. In the past 18 years it has featured a number of well-known faces including Hugh Laurie, Ray Winston, Lilly Savage, Craig Charles, Roger Daltrey, Anita Dobson, and Denise Van Outen. It recently travelled to Sydney, Australia to make a one-off 90-minute special featuring Billy Murray as the fugitive DS Beech.

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