CEDAR Audio announces four CEDAR for Windows turnkey systems

CEDAR for Windows rackmount host computer

CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce the launch of four turnkey systems designed for optimal use in each of four industries that frequently require audio restoration. Each comes complete with all the necessary CEDAR hardware and software, fully installed and ready to use in an industrial quality rackmount PC.

The CEDAR Forensic System, CEDAR Disc Restoration System and CEDAR Film & Video System each come complete with the three real-time audio restoration processes most suitable for the problems encountered in their industries. The CEDAR Master System has five real-time processes (and the necessary DSP hardware to support these) and will correct all the problems frequently encountered when mastering audio for the highest CD and DVD standards. In addition to these processes, every CEDAR Turnkey System is supplied with the new CEDAR Spectral Analyser, which is capable of resolving spectral information with an accuracy of 0.02Hz.

CEDAR Turnkey System PCs will accept up to eight ProDSP boards and run up to eight simultaneous processes, or up to 16 channels of real-time audio restoration.

The new Systems are included in a new CEDAR price schedule that consolidates the company┬╣s product ranges in a single list. Prospective customers will find that prices have been rationalised across the five ranges, making it easier to choose the most appropriate solution for any given restoration requirement.

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