CEDAR Audio to participate in audio restoration workshop at the 107th AES Convention

107th AES Convention logo

9 September 1999

CEDAR Audio will be contributing to Workshop W1 at 9:00am on Friday, September 24, 1999 at the 107th AES Convention in New York. Entitled "Low Budget Restoration: Is It Possible?", the session will include a real-time demonstration of a multi-process, multi-channel CEDAR for Windows system. This demonstration will be presented by CEDAR's Managing Director, Gordon Reid.

The workshop will also feature contributions from numerous CEDAR users including Andy Walter of Abbey Road Studios, London, UK; Seth Winner of Seth Winner Sound Studios, New York, NY; Joe Patrych of Patrych Enterprises, New York, NY; and Stefan Lindstrom, of Swedish Sound Reference, Asa, Sweden. We understand that Simon Heyworth of CEO Mastering, London, will also be contributing. CEO recently purchased a full CEDAR for Windows System, and Mr Heyworth will be demonstrating extracts from the CEDAR-restored film, Battle of The River Plate.

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