CEDAR Deutschland to present the CEDAR Duos at the World of Hi-Fi show

CEDAR Deutschland to exhibit at the World of Hi-fi show in Dortmund

3 November 2009

Many high-end audiophiles like to listen to discs without the clicks and crackle inherent in the medium. Some also like to reduce the amount of hiss contained within analogue recordings. And some like to eliminate the clicks, crackle and hiss while transferring their valuable recordings to CDs and other modern media. However, few wish to connect a computer to their hi-fi systems, nor to hear the unpleasant side-effects of low-cost computer plug-ins.

This an area in which CEDAR's stand-alone restoration systems are particularly valuable. Completely self-contained, they eliminate clicks and crackle and reduce hiss with few if any side-effects. Installed in the highest quality mastering studios worldwide, they are ideal for use with high-quality domestic systems, either to remove the unwanted noises in real-time while listening, or while transferring the audio from disc to a digital medium.

Consequently, CEDAR Deutschland will be exhibiting the CEDAR Duo range at the World Of Hi-Fi show in Dortmund, where visitors will be able to hear the DDC Declickle, which removes almost all instances of clicks and crackle in real-time, and the DDH Auto Dehisser, which reduces hiss in real-time without introducing the unpleasant twittering artefacts of other dehiss processes.

About World Of Hi-Fi:

The High End Society has been staging a road show since 1997. The format is novel: they place different stereo systems in suitably large rooms along with seating for the public, and presenters play music through them - nothing more. They are not allowed to discuss prices, technical specifications, or anything else. The companies who have provided the equipment then present their products in a separate showroom.

28-29 November 2009
World of Hi-Fi, Congress Center, Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany.

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