CEDAR helps Guido Zettier to win a Deutsche Filmpreis for Best Sound Design

Deutscher Filmpreis

16 June 2009

Guido Zettier is an independent Supervising Sound Editor/Designer at the Ruhr Sound Studios, Germany, and a long-time use of the CEDAR DNS2000. He recently acquired his first DNS3000, applying it on cutting-edge German productions such as Hilde and Henri IV. We are delighted to announce that, in April 2009, Zettier and his colleagues Christian Bischoff, Heinz Ebner and Tschangis Chahrokh won a prestigious Deutsche Filmpreis (German Film Award) for the Best Sound Design for the film Nordwand. The film tells the dramatic events surrounding the attempt to conquer the infamous Eiger Nordwand mountain in the summer of 1936.

The renowned sound designer says, "The CEDAR DNS units were very helpful for letting the sound design, effects and noises of Nordwand sound lucent, powerful and lifelike. We now use the DNS3000 on nearly every production, both while recording (to check what noise supression will later be possible) and then when editing and synchronisating the dialogue in post. The editors of the Ruhr Sound Studios have adopted this approach deliberately, adjusting the DNS while shooting according to the content and dynamics of the scene. This then gives them an idea of the creative potential of the sound layer."

The Deutsche Filmpreis is the most famous and prestigious award for German films, and it lies at the core of German public film funding. With trophy money of close to three million Euros, it is also the most heavily endowed cultural award in Germany.

About the CEDAR DNS series

If you work with dialogue, the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of CEDAR DNS series provides solutions to noise reduction problems that you could not previously solve. Their near-zero latency means that you do not need to slip the audio against time-code, making it possible to use them in real-time for live broadcasts, in studios, and on the dubbing stage. For location sound engineers (who do not have the luxury of random access to the material) the near-zero latency means that they are simple to use with video, and they remove the need for a video frame store. Furthermore, the combination of low latency and 24-bit fidelity means that you can leave a DNS permanently in the signal chain without fear of signal degradation.

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