CT3/A: Auto Dehiss

Automatic dehissing that works is now a reality

CT3/A: Auto Dehiss

The Problem

In the past, digital dehissers that used no fingerprinting or noise reduction profiling were prone to side-effects known variously as 'twittering' and 'glugging'. On earlier CEDAR processes, it was possible to avoid these unwanted sounds by careful and judicious use of the controls, but it has never been possible - until now - to remove broadband noise correctly with almost no user intervention.

The solution

Auto Dehiss embodies a more advanced algorithm than any previous dehisser. It offers significantly improved performance and has a unique Auto mode that enables the software to determine the broadband noise content, removing this without the introduction of unwanted side-effects or artefacts.

We have even retained a manual mode that allows you to control all parameters and fine-tune the noise reduction.

The Plaudits

CEDAR's original DH-1 Dehisser - the world's first mastering quality digital dehisser that did not require a noise fingerprint - was voted 'Best Of Show' by the editors and readers of EQ Magazine.

Now discontinued