CEDAR for Pro Tools

1996 - 1999
CEDAR for Pro Tools was superseded by CEDAR Studio

Developed at the request of Digidesign, CEDAR for Pro Tools brought the highest standards of audio restoration to Pro Tools III and IV TDM systems. The System comprised three elements: a Pro Tools 3 or Pro Tools 4 TDM workstation with one or more free NuBus slots, one or more CEDAR MacDSP boards, and one or more CEDAR for Pro Tools software modules.

The MacDSP Boards were developed because the advanced processes in CEDAR for Pro Tools required considerable DSP power, and the processors in Macs and PCs were at that time unable to support them. Providing 25MFlops per channel, the MacDSP offered 24-bit I/O and 40-bit floating point processing. It was available in two versions: the MacDSP/C console board acted as the audio restoration platform, while the MacDSP/E expansion board allowed users to add further audio channels or additional CEDAR modules up to a maximum of 16 simultaneous real-time processes. Once installed, each board would run any of the CEDAR for Pro Tools modules, supporting two independent monophonic processes or a single stereo process.

You could use all of the CEDAR for Pro Tools processes simultaneously if you had a suitable number of MacDSP boards installed. This meant that you could pass your audio straight through them, hearing the results of the restoration in real-time, and auditioning any adjustments you made as the audio was playing. CEDAR for Pro Tools supported real-time world-to-disk, disk-to-world, and disk-to-disk processing modes.