Key features and specifications of the DNS 4

DNS 4 dialogue noise suppressor


Key features

  • Four channels of state-of-the-art noise suppression
  • High-resolution 40-bit floating-point processing
  • Near-zero latency to ensure that there's no loss of lip-sync
  • Super-fast setup and control
  • It's small, light and eminently portable
  • It runs on 12V power

Line inputs

  • Connectors:
     Channels 1&2: Balanced XLR3F
     Channels 3&4: Balanced TA3 mini-XLR
  • Impedance: 10kΩ
  • Nominal signal level (0dB gain): +4dBu
  • ADC line up (0dB gain): +4dBu : -20dBFS
  • Clipping level (0dB gain): +24dBu
  • Dynamic range (0dB gain): >102dB (AES17 unweighted)
  • Gain ranges:
     Channels 1&2: -6dB to +54dB
     Channels 3&4: 0dB to +20dB

Microphone inputs with ultra low-noise microphone preamplifiers

  • Connector: Balanced XLR3F
  • Impedance: 2kΩ
  • Gain range: 18dB to 78dB
  • ADC line up (36dB gain): -32dBu : -20dBFS
  • Dynamic range (36dB gain): >102dB (AES17 unweighted)

Phantom Power

  • Type: P48 (IEC61958)
  • Unloaded voltage: +48V ± 4V
  • Current available: 10mA per microphone
  • Short circuit protection: Indefinite

AD/DA conversion

  • Format: 24-bit linear PCM
  • Sample rate (internal sync.): 48kHz
  • Sample rate (external sync.): 40kHz – 100kHz

Digital inputs

  • Connector: Balanced TA3 mini-XLR
  • Format: AES3 (IEC60958) or AES11 (DARS)
  • Sample rate sync range: 40kHz - 100kHz

Line outputs

  • Connector: Balanced TA3 mini-XLR
  • Nominal signal level: +4dBu
  • DAC line up: -20dBFS : +4dBu
  • Maximum output: +24dBu
  • Dynamic range: 96dB
  • Minimum load impedance: 600Ω
  • Short circuit protection: Indefinite

Digital outputs

  • Connector: Balanced TA3 mini-XLR
  • Format: AES3 (IEC60958)
  • Sample rate (internal sync): 48kHz (±50ppm)
  • Sample rate (external sync): locked to digital input


  • Type: Floating point
  • Resolution: 40-bit
  • Sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz

Power input

  • Voltage: 8V to 17.5V (nominal 12V)
  • Connector: Hirose 4-pin HR10 (pin1 -, pin4 +)
  • Reverse polarity protection: Indefinite
  • Over-voltage protection: Indefinite, up to 50V
  • Max power consumption @ 12V: 15W

Power adapter

  • Input voltage: 85VAC - 260VAC, 50 - 60Hz
  • Input power: 15W
  • Input connector: UK/US/EU
  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Output connector: Hirose 4-pin HR10 (pin1 -, pin4 +)


  • Dimensions: 185 x 130 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 750g

The Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice. E&OE.