high-resolution noise reduction for Sound Devices mixer/recorders

CEDAR sdnx

  Introducing CEDAR sdnx (Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design, Sound Devices)

Developed by CEDAR for Sound Devices, sdnx is a noise suppression technology designed specifically for the Scorpio and other 8-series mixer/recorders. Available in 2-, 4- and 8- instance configurations, it can be run on any combination of channels and busses selected by the user at sample rates up to and including 96kHz.

Drawing upon CEDAR's decades-long expertise in the field of noise reduction*, sdnx differs from hardware solutions such as the CEDAR DNS 2 and DNS 8D dialogue noise suppressors by offering a modified algorithm optimised for Sound Devices systems and a simplified user interface with just a single attenuation control per instance. Together with its near-zero latency, this makes it ideal for use in the field, allowing users to record clean audio for dailies and confidence checking as well as providing viable alternatives to the mixes and isos supplied for post production.

* CEDAR Audio is the proud recipient of an Academy Award® for its noise suppression which, in the words of one Academy member is "probably used on every major movie coming out of Hollywood".

To enquire about pricing and how to download and install sdnx on your system, contact sales@sounddevices.com or visit store.sounddevices.com/product/cedar-sdnx

Technical note

sdnx is compatible with all 8-Series mixer/recorders running firmware version 7.40 or higher. Users can upgrade earlier systems by visiting www.sounddevices.com/download