CEDAR Series 2

1994 - 2000
There is no modern equivalent to Series 2

Described by MIX magazine as "a mastering engineer's dream", Series 2 was a range of audio restoration rackmounts that provided all the power and functionality of their computer-based equivalents but in a powerful rackmount format that you could use where a computer was not appropriate or not desired. There were four models: the AZ-1 Azimuth Corrector, the CR-1 Decrackler, the DC-1 Declicker and the DH-1 (later upgraded to the DH-2) Dehisser. In an era when no other manufacturer could provide real-time audio restoration, you could cascade all four Series 2 models to perform a complete restoration in a single real-time pass.

The Series 2 units were based upon the award-winning algorithms originally developed for CEDAR's computer-based systems, but offered a different set of features that made them more suitable for uses such as transferring audio from original analogue media. Each was completely self-contained; there were no connections required except for mains power and audio I/O in the form of 24-bit AES/EBU and SPDIF, plus balanced analogue inputs and outputs provided by high quality A/D and D/A converters that offered up to 103dB dynamic range. Audio processing was carried out using the 40-bit AT&T processors that would later be used for CEDAR for Windows and CEDAR for Pro Tools.